How will you survive Sacramento’s New Water Restrictions?

How will you survive Sacramentos

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Let the Chitting Begin

Do you grow your own garden?

The Garden Smallholder

chitting seed potatoes

At last, it feels like I’m doing something productive again. Laying seed potatoes out in trays or egg boxes to chit (encouraging the seed potatoes to sprout before planting) really is the start of the growing year for me. Some say chitting potatoes isn’t necessary, I get stupidly excited about chitting mine so I’ll carry on doing it regardless.

This year I’m planning to grow Charlotte (a salad variety) and Desiree main crop. They’re firm favourites of mine and always seem to do well on my plot.

desiree potatoes growing

By the way, I think potato flowers are utterly gorgeous…..

potato flowers

What are you planning to grow in your potato bed this year? If it ever stops raining!

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20 year-old black pines – before and after

Beautiful! What do you think? Do you Bonsai?

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Become a Greener Gardener

Become a Greener Gardner

Classes provided by the Placer County Water Agency.
Teaching you better “River Friendly” landscaping tips and how tto be a “Greener Gardener.”
These classed are offered at a cost of $50 per person and covers everything from Landscape Design, Irrigation and even edible gardening and pest management.

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Front Yard Landscape Renovation

Front Yard Landscape Renovation

Still working on this one. But I figured I would share my progress with you. This is a front yard landscape renovation we are designing for a new client in Lincoln CA. We will will be removing 800sq’ of sod lawn and cutting the slopped yard into 3 terraces with decorative block retaining walls.

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Low Flow Irrigation Specialists

Low Flow Irrigation Specialists

Your favorites have joined forces to bring you all your low flow and water smart landscape irrigation to your own front door. Call today for your own in home demonstration. 916-757-2524

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Working on the weekends as usual!

Working on the weekends as usual!

We truly love what we do! And sometimes that means coming into the office on the weekends to try and keep up with the demand. Today we are working on some up coming designs for installation. This is an example of one we are working on for a repeat client in Sacramento. They has a large tree removed from their front side yard and now would like to utilize that space as a focal point in their overall landscape.

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California Drought A Chance to Re-imagine Your Yard

Just something to think about.

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We Need Your Help!

We Need Your Help!

Without our loyal Fans like you we would not exist! Please take a moment and leave us a 5 STAR Rating on Yelp!

This will help show others that are not familiar with us that others LIKE YOURSELF, stand behind us! We appreciate all that you as friends and fans do for us and our business!


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A little maintenance is all it takes

A little maintenance is all it takes A little maintenance is all it takes to insure we all have a safe and issue free winter. Be sure to clear the storm drains and gutters of any debris. Unkept debris will restrict the flow of rain water causing both a hazard to homes, traffic as well as pedestrians.

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